About Abrolhos Filmes

Founded by André Sobral, Abrolhos produced the documentary feature film “Chico Rei Among Us” (Joyce Prado, 2020), winner of the Best Brazilian Documentary by the Public and Honorable Mention of the Jury at the 44th São Paulo International Film Festival.

In the field of international cinema, it is associate producer of the feature films “La Ciambra” (Jonas Carpignano, 2017), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and “Patti Cakes” (Geremy Jasper, 2017), selected for Sundance Film Festival. It also invested in “Call Me by Your Name” (Luca Guadagnino, 2017), which competed for 2018 Oscar.
Abrolhos produced the short films “Chico Rei em Movimento” (André Sobral, 2015), finalist in the Telas Prize, “Idílio” (André Sobral, 2015); and “Solidão 22B” (Jaqueline Vargas, 2017), exhibited by Canal Brasil.

Apart from that, also creates commercial work for companies such as Sulamérica Seguros, Hospital Albert Einstein, Media Monks, Intimus (Kotax), Maq Móveis and Mentes Notáveis.

André Sobral


Gratuated in law school and post gratuated in marketing at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and film directing at Maine Media College. Founder of Trilha Tecnologia de Aproximação and one of the members of Handsprint Capital, investors and mentors network that accelerated apps such as iFood. Nowadays, André is an angel investor of Magnopus, special effects, virtual reality and augmented reality company. In 2014, he founded Abrolhos Filmes, where he directed the short films Chico Rei (finalist of Telas prize) Idílo, and also the medium lenght documentary “Heróis do Brasil – Independência da Bahia” exhibited by TV Cultura. After more than three internacional coproductions, amongst which Oscar-winning “Call Me By Your Name”, André is produced his first feature film, the documentary “Chico Rei Among Us” (Joyce Prado), debut forecasted for 2021.

Laura Barzotto

Executive Producer

Laura Riolfi Barzotto has graduated in Audiovisual at São Paulo University (USP). She has attended the “Executive Production” course at International Cinema Academy (AIC-Brazil) and has obtained a “Filmmaking Certificate” at London Film Academy (LFA-England). She is specialized in production and screenwriting. In the past years, she participated in more than twenty projects, including the feature film “13 Andares”, directed by Eliana Fonseca; the mockumentary “A Low-Budget Film”, selected for Gramado Film Festival; the videoclip “É o Poder”, by Karol Conka; and the documentary “Infringement”, selected for Kinoforum’s São Paulo Short Film Festival. She has also been selected by chinese program “Looking China Youth Film Project 2019”, where she made a short documentary, “海洋之舞 When the Ocean Danced”. She works as an Executive Producer at Abrolhos Filmes, where she takes care of, amongst other things, selecting new projects, giving artistic and technical support to current projects and developing new businesses. There, she finished the documentary “Chico Rei Amongst Us”, directed by Joyce Prado.

Beatriz Muniz

Financial Area

Graduated in Human Resources and specialized in cash management, taxes and contributions, has been working for more than four years and, although her experience is not that vast, knows a lot about finances and administration. Works as financial analyst at Abrolhos Filmes.