Synopsis: Blanca (18) lives in a home for minors directed by Cura Manuel (50). A sexual scandal, seemingly involving businessmen and politicians, will put Blanca and Manuel in the eye of the press and public attention, turning Blanca into a feminist martyr and the key witness of the case. Blanca is seen as a heroine by some and villain by others, in a case that removes the deepest foundations of society.

Genre: Fiction
Format: Feature film
Duration: 100′
Status: Development

With: Alejandro Goic, Laura López and Amparo Noguera
Fernando Guzzoni
Screenwriter: Fernando Guzzoni
Cinematographer: Benjamín Echazarreta
Production design: Estefanía Larraín
Editing: Andrea Chignoli
Producer: Giancarlo Nasi
Production Companies: Quijote Films, Rampante, Bonne Pioche, Madants, Querosene Filmes, Abrolhos Filmes
Distribuition: BF Distribuición, New Europe Film Sales, Pandora Filmes

Category: Entertainment, fiction, development, international, cinema