Chico Rei Among Us (Completed)

Synopsis: Chico Rei was an enslaved Congolese king who freed himself and his subjects during the Gold Cycle in Minas Gerais. His story is the starting point to explore the various echoes of Brazilian slavery in the lives of black people today, understanding their movement of self-affirmation and freedom from a collective perspective.


  • 44ª Mostra Internacional de São Paulo – Best Brazilian Documentary by the Public and Honorable Mention by the Jury (2020);
  • 13º Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul – Closing Film (2020);
  • Showcase at Mostra DOCSP (2020);
  • 27º Festival de Cinema de Vitória – Brazilian Features Competition (2020).
  • 15º Fest Aruanda – Best Female Character for Kátia Silvério and Best Soundtrack for Sérgio Pererê (2020);
  • Griot – III Festival de Cinema Negro Contemporâneo – Closing Film (2020);
  • 9ª Mostra Audiovisual Wallace – Official Selection (2021);
  • Brown University Spring Film Series 2021 (2021)
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    Markets and labs:

    Genre: Documentary
    Format: Feature film
    Duration: 94 minutos
    Status: Completed

    Director: Joyce Prado
    Screenwriter: Natália Vestri and Joyce Prado
    Cinematographer: Nuna Nunes
    Sound technician: Evelyn Santos
    Editing: Tatiana Toffoli
    Producer: André Sobral
    Executive Producer: Juliana Vedovato and Laura Barzotto
    Original Sountrack: Sérgio Perere with a track by Emicida
    Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes
    Associate Producer: Chico

    Category: Entertainment, documentary, completed