Muerte de un comediante (Development)

Synopsis: Juan Debré, 51, is a renown actor living an existential crisis. His marriage is not the same as it was before and, worst of all, he suddenly realizes that his life was wasted by the fictional characters he embodies. Shaken by a medical diagnosis, he takes the drastic decision of leaving a movie set in the middle of shooting. He then flies to Brussels in a soul searching trip to buy an unsigned edition of “The Adventures of Tintin”, a comic book that shaped his will to be an actor in his childhood. In Brussels, he will search for the answer to a fundamental question that haunts his life: can he be a real hero, serving a noble cause, just as Tintin is?

Genre: Fiction
Format: Feature film
Duration: 100′
Status: Development/Financing

Director: Javier Beltramino e Diego Peretti
Screenwriter: Christian Basilis and Hernán Casciari
Production Companies: 99Volando Films, Abrolhos Filmes e Querosene Filmes

Category: Entertainment, fiction, cinema, international, development