Os Heróis do Brasil: Independência da Bahia (Completed)

Synopsis: Dom Pedro’s cry was given on the shores of Ipiranga on September 7, 1822, but was not heard in Bahia. The Independence of Bahia came to fruition almost a year later, on July 2, 1822, the day the sun rose brighter. Were essential to this process figures such as Maria Quiteria, who abandoned her fiancée, fled her parents’ house, dressed as a man and fought for the Independence of Brazil under the name of soldier Medeiros. This documentary is about this and other characters as her.

Genre: Documentary
Format: Medium lenght film
Duration: 26′
Status: Completed – exhibited by TV Cultura in 2015

Director: André Sobral and Fabrício Mendieta
Original ideia: André Sobral
Executive Producer: André Sobral
Producer: José Agripino
Cinematographer: Guto Seixas
Original Score: Beto Villares
Editing: Fabrício Mendieta
Coreography: Lara Pinheiro

Category: Entertainment, documentary, completed, national, TV