Solitude 22B (Completed)

Synopsis: On New Year’s Eve, Aurora, a lonely old woman, dances at her home in an attempt to ward off loneliness. She believes she is alone in the building where she lives, but is surprised by the arrival of Simone, a new neighbor. The girl rented 22b, known for the suicide of its last inhabitant. In an attempt to have company for the night, Aurora invites Simone for a toast. When they start talking, Simone reveals that the last night of the year is also the last night of her life: she will kill herself. To prevent the girl from killing herself, Aurora locks Simone inside her apartment and begins an emotional war between them. On this astonishing night, Aurora’s fantasy past and the poetic melancholy of Simone’s present find the congruence in solitude of these two women.

Genre: Fiction
Format: Short Film
Duration: 22′
Status: Completed

With: Selma Egrei and Mayara Constantino
Director: Jaqueline Vargas
Screenwriter: Jaqueline Vargas
Cinematographer: Ohyana Mai
Production Design: Dicezar Leandro and Joyce Roma
Editing: Mariana Fresnot
Sound Design: Luiz Adelmo, ABC
Soundtrack: Gabriel Dib
Producer: André Sobral
Executive Producer: Sara Pavan, Yara Guzman and Jaqueline Vargas
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Category: Entertainment, cinema, national, completed