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Educação Que Dá Certo

Todos Pela Educação

A project produced by Abrolhos Filmes for Todos Pela Educação, a brazilian NGO. Presented by Priscila Cruz, the documentary series Educação Que Dá Certo demonstrates how countless public education networks in different states of Brazil have achieved surprising educational results.
Genre: Documentário
Client: Todos Pela Educação
Format: Series
Duration: 07 episodes x 25’
Status: Finished
Director: Danilo do Carmo
Screenwriter: Inaê Luz
Research and partner screenwriters: Lorena Ribeiro, Natália Vestri, Camila Kamimura
Executive Producer (1st season): Laura Barzotto
Director of Production (2nd season): Renata Paschoal
Post Production Coordinator: Luana Kozlowski, Breno Soares
Soundtrack: Alex Kim Manso
Customer service: Luiz Fortes
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

SP-Arte 2021 and 2022


Campaign videos and coverage of the SP-Arte fair, produced in various formats for the 2021 and 2022 editions.
Genre: Institutional
Client: SP-Arte
Format: Social Media Content 
Status: Finished
Director: Luiz Fortes e Renato Maretti
Executive Production and Customer Service: Laura Barzotto e Luiz Fortes
Set Producer: Wanessa Lemos
Cinematographer: Renato Maretti
Drone: Clara Dias
Editing and Post Production: Priscila Magalhães

Motion Design: Prata Design
Logger: Mariana Osmo
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Chega de estigma

Media Monks / Intimus

The action that marked the launch of the #ChegadeStigma campaign invited women and men to an immersive experience about the stigma of menstruation. Watch and feel how this visit to the box was. We captured additional images for the video case of the international action “Chega de Stigma”. 100% female team!
Genre: Institutional
Client: Media Monks / Intimus
Format: Institutional Video 
Running Time: 02'50''
Status: Finished
Director of Production: Laura Barzotto
Camera Assistant/Logger: Isabel Beitler
Additional Camera OP: Giuliana Lanzoni
Sound technician: Marina Bruno
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes/Media Monks

Programa de Estágio SulAmérica


Video series for the Sulamérica Internship Program, with three videos which were sent to candidates at the end of each phase.
Genre: Institutional
Client: Sulamérica Seguros
Format: Institutional Video 
Running Time: 06'
Status: Finished 
Director: André Sobral
Screenwriter: Luiz Amaral
Producer: Laura Barzotto
Production Assistant: Bruna Mass
Cinematographer: Diogo Marques
Photography Assistant: Klaus Oti
Sound technician: Lucas Pecoraro
Editing: Diogo Marques
Editing assistant and Graphics: Flávia Lucena
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

ABVO – 70ª Regata Santos-Rio


Series with 5 documentary videos and a trailer made to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Santos-Rio Regatta. The series was made in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Ocean Sailing (ABVO).
Genre: Institutional 
Client: ABVO
Format: Webseries, Documentary 
Running time: 05 episodes x 05'
Status: Finished
Director: Danilo do Carmo
Executive Producer/Customer service: Laura Barzotto
Editing and Post production: Giulia de Paula
SP Crew
Cinematography: Nuna Nunes
Sound: Maíra Romero
Producer (Santos, SP): Carla Tavarez
RJ Crew
Camera OP: Alan Araújo e Wallace Gaspar de Souza
Producer (Rio de Janeiro): Eduardo Scudieri
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Novidário – Apresentação SP-Arte


Presentation video of the Jataí chair line, produced for Novidário's participation in SP-Arte.
Genre: Institutional
Client: Novidário
Agency: DC33 Comunicação
Format:Institutional Video
Running time: 04'05''
Status: Finished
Director: André Sobral
Director of Production: Laura Barzotto
Camera OP: Giuliana Lanzoni
Sound technician: Maíra Romero
Editing and post production: Giulia De Paula
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes


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