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chico rei entre nós
(chico rei among us)

Genre: Documentary
Format: Feature film
Running time: 94 minutes
Status: Finished

Available on Claro Video


Chico Rei was an enslaved Congolese king who freed himself and his subjects during the Gold Cycle in Minas Gerais. His story is the starting point to explore the various echoes of Brazilian slavery in the lives of black people today, understanding their movement of self-affirmation and freedom from a collective perspective.

Direção: Joyce Prado

Screenwriter: Natália Vestri and Joyce Prado

Cinematographer: Nuna Nunes

Sound Technician: Evelyn Santos

Editing: Tatiana Toffoli

Original Soundtrack: Sérgio Pererê with a song by Emicida

Producer: André Sobral

Executive Producer: Juliana Vedovato and Laura Barzotto

Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Associate Production: Chico

Category: Entertainment, documentary, finished

voo do flamingo
(blue flamingo)


Genre: Drama

Country: Brazil, France

Format: Feature film
Running time: 110'

Status: in development

After receiving a PhD scholarship to study disappearing prehistoric sounds in Italy, the Brazilian archeologist Rafaella, 29, must decide what she will do with her son, Hugo, 10. In order to travel abroad, Hugo needs a permission signed by both his parents, including his absent father. In a last attempt to find his father, Rafaella goes back to her hometown with Hugo, where Hugo gets to meet more of Rafaella's past.

Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes
Co-producers: Ciné-Sud Promotion, Telecine, Canal Brasil, Globo Filmes
Director: Beatriz Seigner
Script: Guilherme S. Zanella and Beatriz Seigner
Status: Advanced Development
Film Production (Shooting): 2023

um casamento
(the marriage)


Running time: 110′
Country: Brazil
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Status: in development

Rio de Janeiro. It was all everyone talked about in the summer of 1952. On the streets, cafes, in beauty salons and even in the Senate, everyone was talking about the “to marry or not to marry'' dilemma involving the supposed love affair between the white civil servant AYRES CUNHA and the young indigenous woman, DIACUÍ. The story of the “forbidden love” following Brazilian laws, between the indigenous woman safeguarded by the State and the expeditionary, was popularized as a photo report, in a feuilleton way, by the magazine, and was on all radios and newsreels. At the time, Brazilian society was asking itself: is the love between a civilized man and a savage woman legitimate?

Director and Screenwriter: Maíra Bühler
Status: in development

corpo celeste (celestial girl)

Running time: 16′
Director: André Sobral
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes
Script: Guilherme Zanella

With Maria Ribeiro and Fernando Alves Pinto

After moving to São Paulo in search of her dream of becoming an actress, Letícia sees her goals crumble due to the pandemic. Penniless and far from home, she finds, in the work as a camgirl, a stage for her reconstruction. Online, she meets Fernando, with whom she shared her life 10 years ago. They have 10 minutes, the length of the session, to settle scores from the past.


Direction: André Sobral e Renata Paschoal
Screenplay: Guilherme S. Zanella
Editing: Renato Sircilli
Executive Production: Ana Tereza Fonseca
Art Direction: Guilherme Chapina
Costumes: Kamilla Alves
Make Up Artist: Wilson Eliodoro
Sound technician: Pier Valencise
Sound design and mixing: João Victor Santos
Original score: Reinaldo Ponte
VFX: Nicolas Oti
Color Correction: Eduardo de Andréa (Kito)

heróis do brasil:
independência da bahia

Genre: Documentary
Format: Series
Running time: 26′


Exhibited on TV Cultura in 2015

Dom Pedro's scream was given on the banks of the Ipiranga on September 7th, 1822. However, it was not heard in Bahia. Bahia became independent almost a year later, on July 2nd, 1822, a day where the sun rose brighter. Historical figures, such as Maria Quitéria, were extremely important for this moment. She abandoned her fiance, ran away from her parents' house, dressed as a man and fought for the Independence of Brazil under the name of soldier Medeiros. It is on this and other figures that the documentary focuses. The documentary focuses on her and other important figures who contributed to Bahia's independence. 

Genre: Documentary
Format: Series
Running time: 26′
Status: Finished – Exhibited on TV Cultura in 2015
Director: André Sobral and Fabrício Mendieta
Screenwriter: André Sobral
Executive Producer: André Sobral
Producer: José Agripino
Cinematographer: Guto Seixas
Soundtrack: Beto Villares
Editing: Fabrício Mendieta
Choreography: Lara Pinheiro

Chico Rei em Movimento

Genre: Video-dance
Format: short-film
Running time: 8′
Status: Finished

Crowned king in the African regions of the Congo in the 18th century, Chico Rei is captured with his wife, Djalô and their two children and brought as slaves to Brazil. The story of Chico Rei's resilience, told through dance. 

Director: André Sobral
Cinematographer: Marcelo Rocha
Soundtrack: Beto Villares
Choreography: Lara Pinheiro
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

Solidão 22B

Genre: Fiction
Format: Short-film
Running time: 22′


On New Year's Eve, Aurora, a lonely old woman, dances in her house in an attempt to ward off loneliness. She believes she is the only one in the apartment building she lives in. However, she is surprised by her new neighbor's arrival, Simone. The young woman rented apartment 22B, known for the suicide of its last inhabitant. Aurora invites Simone for a toast. As soon as they start talking, Simone reveals that the last night of the year is also the last night of her life: she is going to kill herself. To prevent the young woman from killing herself, Aurora locks Simone in her apartment. An emotional war starts between them. On this surprising night, Aurora's fantasy past and the poetic melancholy of Simone's present find congruence in the solitude of these two women.

With: Selma Egrei and Mayara Constantino
Director: Jaqueline Vargas
Screenwriter: Jaqueline Vargas
Cinematographer: Ohyana Mai
Art Directors: Dicezar Leandro and Joyce Roma
Editing: Mariana Fresnot
Sound Design and Mixing: Luiz Adelmo, ABC
Soundtrack: Gabriel Dib
Producer: André Sobral
Executive Producers: Sara Pavan, Yara Guzman and Jaqueline Vargas
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes


Genre: Fiction
Format: Short-film
Running time: 14’21”


After a crisis of creativity, Sérgio, writer of old bestsellers, meets a mysterious woman who makes him face the problems and crises in his life.

Director: André Sobral
Screenwriter: Jaqueline Vargas
Cinematographer: Paulo Leite
Art Director: Juily Manghirmalani
Soundtrack: Samuel Ferrari and Felipe Junqueira

Era Preciso Saber

Genre: Music Video
Formato: Music Video
Running time: 4’32”
Status: Finished

Verônica Ferriani's music video for her song “Era Preciso Saber”.

Director: Fabio Brasil
Screenwriter: Fabio Brasil and Bruno Sinischalchi
Cinematographer: Ioseba Mirena
Editing: Gabriel Floro
Producer: André Sobral and Fabio Brasil
Production Company: Abrolhos Filmes

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